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Evan with Phyl Lobl and her handmade Aussieharp Autoharp at her home in Kiama NSW.
Photo by Lyn Mathieson ©PHOTO MATHIESON
Phyl Lobl is a leading Australian Singer Songwriter in the Folk genre. Evan built this Autoharp especially for her so that she could put it flat on a keyboard stand to play. Phyl uses her Autoharp in this playing style for both composing at home and performing on stage. Phyl's excellent user-friendly website www.phyllobl.net has a wealth of information and music from Phyl's many years of teaching, performing, composing and writing.

I have had an Evan Mathieson Autoharp for several years.
I wish I could say that I play the instrument with the skill and finesse the craftsmanship deserves, alas I am a pretty basic instrumentalist but I can write songs and tunes of worth.
For some tunes I use only my head and my voice, but for some I use an instrument. When a melody feels stuck in a melodic rut, using the Autoharp
enables the twisting of the tune into one with an unexpected chord. For this Evanʼs Autoharps with their greater variety of chords and keys are invaluable.
Chords and chord progressions that fingers donʼt truly know how to quickly find on guitar or keyboard become so much easier on the Autoharp.
My Autoharp was made so that instead of holding upright as a ‘Boob-crusher’ it can be put on a Keyboard stand. This makes it easier to talk to the Audience. Another advantage of the stand is that it is handier than strapping it on when a songline hits and wants a direction.
It’s corny but I thank ʻheavenʼ for Evan.

Phyl Lobl